Client Testimonials

“I have known Cameron for many years and trust him implicitly. So when my college-age daughter had a scrape with the law several years ago I immediately called Cameron to handle the matter. Cameron had all the skill and knowledge needed to have the case dismissed. We are very appreciative and will call him if we ever again need an attorney.”


“Cameron Marshall and I have been friends ever since we met in high school and he is one of my favorite people. Last year I sold my ownership interest in the company I worked hard to help build for 15 years. The transaction involved complexities. Cameron represented me very effectively and I am pleased with the results we attained. I highly recommend Cameron for all of the broad range of legal services he provides.”


“I have had the pleasure of being associated with Cameron Marshall for several years now. He has successfully taken care of two separate legal matters for me in that time. He seemed to work tirelessly to get the best result for me. I really appreciated the communication as he was always keeping me abreast of the progress of my cases. Cameron Marshall is a great guy and a great attorney.”


“At a time when I was distraught over the death of my husband, I had to assume the survivor role in a lawsuit he had initiated for medical malpractice against his doctor, handled by Mr. Marshall of Cameron L. Marshall, L.L.C.   Mr. Marshall was very sensitive to my loss and acquainted me with the status of the lawsuit.  The case now having become a wrongful death case, his calmness and his confidence helped me to move through the various steps of completing preparations for settlement or court.  Because Mr. Marshall was so completely dependable and reliable, I did not have to worry about any aspect of the painful process.  I was completely satisfied with the outcome that he achieved for me and our family.”

Christine W.

“This is to recognize the exceptional service that Mr. Cameron Marshall’s law firm provided me.  Please let me explain.  In May of 2009, my husband was involved in an accident.  He was on a motorcycle, so his injuries were quite severe.  After many weeks in the hospital, he was discharged to a nursing/rehabilitation facility.  While at the facility he developed stage 3 bed sores, due to the neglect of the staff.  In turn, his sores became infected, contributing to his untimely death.

I came to Mr. Marshall seeking legal assistance, in hopes of receiving some sort of justice.  Mr. Marshall not only was professional, but very personable.  He made me his client as well as his friend.

In conclusion, we were able to resolve the matter through mediation, which was nice, because it gave me closure without having to go through a long drawn-out court trial.  And for that I am very grateful.

I hold Mr. Marshall with the highest regard and I highly recommend his legal services.”

Gloria P.

“I wish to give a testimonial for the good work Cameron Marshall provided in my case that involved the defamation of my character and reputation. I was a victim of a willfully false accusation that caused significant hardship not only for me, but also my family. We decided to pursue legal action against the responsible organization and contacted several lawyers about legal representation. Unfortunately, none of these lawyers wanted to help us pursue our case because of its difficulty.

They felt that the probability of success was too low for them to spend any significant time in representing us. However, one of the lawyers did recommend that we contact Cameron Marshall, as someone who may be willing to take up the challenge. After meeting with Cameron, he decided to represent us because he believed we were wronged, and felt he was up to the challenge of taking on a difficult case. Although the legal proceedings were lengthy, Cameron persisted in his efforts, and we were able to reach a satisfactory conclusion through mediation. My family and I are very grateful that we were able to successfully bring closure to this painful episode and move on with our lives.”

Leonard E.

“I was stopped at a license checkpoint after having a couple of beers. The officer smelled alcohol and charged me with a DUI. Cameron Marshall had represented me in a previous DUI case, so I knew the right lawyer to call. Mr. Marshall got the charge dismissed. Cameron Marshall knows DUI law and he’s my lawyer for life.”


“Mr. Marshall was so completely dependable and reliable.”

Christine W.

“I was pulled over on my way home after leaving a bar downtown. The officer said I was swerving and charged me with a DUI. Cameron Marshall did great work for me and got the charge dismissed. I highly recommend Mr. Marshall.”


“I was involved in a minor automobile accident while leaving a bar downtown and was charged with DUI. Cameron Marshall represented me and did an excellent job. He was able to keep me driving while the charge was pending and ultimately got the charge dismissed.”


“I came to Mr. Marshall seeking legal assistance. Mr. Marshall not only was professional, but very personable.”

Gloria P.