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criminal defWhen being investigated or charged in a criminal case, you need a qualified attorney who can advise you of the best strategies to ensure you are treated fairly and secure the best result possible. You need an experienced trial lawyer in Charleston who will fight to protect your rights, your freedom and your reputation.

Our office represents those accused of criminal offenses in municipal, magistrate, state and federal courts. We work closely with you to explain the charges against you and give you a clear understanding of the law, the evidence, the potential penalties and your options. Our goal is to secure the best possible result for you by protecting your rights and exploring all possible methods of resolution. We are thorough and discreet, and we know the criminal justice system and the law.

DUI and drug offenses comprise the largest categories of criminal cases in Charleston, South Carolina, and therefore the majority of Cameron Marshall’s criminal practice. But our firm handles all types of criminal cases. Recent jury verdicts include a trial in state court against an individual charged with Assault and Battery with Intent to Kill, in which our client was acquitted based upon self-defense. In another recent trial, our client faced the possibility of life without parole on a charge of Pistol Possession by a Felon, and was acquitted by a federal jury.

Cameron Marshall has over twenty-five years of experience in the courtroom, first serving as a state prosecutor in the Ninth Circuit Solicitor’s Office for nine years before beginning his private practice in Charleston. He has handled thousands of criminal cases and secured favorable jury verdicts for his clients in scores of criminal trials.

When the enormous power of the government is being directed at you, you need experienced representation.

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