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medical malIf you or a loved one has been seriously injured as a result of medical error, it is important to contact a qualified attorney immediately. Our approach to every potential medical malpractice case begins with thorough investigation. Our medical malpractice attorney interviews witnesses and obtains medical records. We review policies, procedures and medical publications to ensure thorough knowledge of the applicable standard of care, and we work closely with the most qualified experts. This comprehensive process produces positive results for our clients.

Medical malpractice actions are among the most difficult and costly legal cases in Charleston, South Carolina. Medical professionals and their insurance companies very rarely concede fault, and the issue of liability will almost always be vigorously contested. This is usually done through the use of expert witnesses.

For most cases, medical malpractice law in Charleston, South Carolina requires that a claimant file an expert’s affidavit, typically from a physician or nurse, identifying at least one negligent act which failed to meet the applicable standard of care. Understandably, health care professionals prefer not to give negative opinions about colleagues in the same geographical area. Consequently, it is often necessary for an injured patient to seek the opinion of an expert outside South Carolina.

Experts are expensive. They charge for all of the time they spend reviewing a case, giving depositions and trial testimony, and traveling. Though malpractice cases are difficult, time consuming and expensive to pursue, Cameron Marshall remains committed to bringing medical malpractice lawsuits when the circumstances of deficient care call for action. The American Medical Association admits that over 50,000 Americans a year are killed through medical negligence. The pursuit of medical malpractice not only helps our clients, but we hope it helps provide a safer health care environment for all Americans.

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