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Civil Rights Violations

Please contact our Charleston, South Carolina office today for a free initial consultation.

We are firmly committed to safeguarding the rights afforded to our clients under the United States and South Carolina Constitutions. From inhumane conditions in state prisons to abuse of authority by local police, we have successfully represented clients from all walks of life in holding the government accountable for wrongdoings. Our firm handles civil rights cases involving prisoners’ rights, first amendment retaliation, unlawful arrests, unlawful searches and seizures, and excessive force.

The legal landscape of civil rights claims against state and federal officials is complex and constantly changing. Our firm has a strong knowledge of the federal laws and precedent which govern civil rights lawsuits, and constantly monitors decisions issues by federal courts to adapt our litigation strategies. In this area, you need a lawyer with knowledge and experience. Our firm will provide you with the aggressive representation necessary to vindicate your rights and obtain compensation.

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