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Criminal Defense

Please contact our Charleston, South Carolina office today for a free initial consultation.

Our firm has over 30 years of experience in the courtroom. For the first nine years of his career, Cameron Marshall served as a state prosecutor for the Ninth Circuit Solicitor’s Office. Since that time, he has used his knowledge and experience to defend clients against criminal charges and protect their rights.

We have successfully represented clients accused of crimes in municipal, magistrate, state, and federal court. In all cases, we work closely with our clients to determine their options and provide a strong defense strategy. Our primary goal is to secure the best result for you by vigorously protecting your rights and exploring all possible methods of resolution. We are thorough and discreet, and we know the criminal justice system and the law.
DUI and drug offenses comprise the largest categories of criminal cases brought in the Charleston area. But our firm has experience representing clients against a broad array of charges, ranging from complex conspiracies to attempted murder. We have successfully negotiated quiet resolutions and we have secured acquittals for numerous clients before state and federal juries.
When the enormous power of the government is being directed at you, you need experienced representation.

Criminal Investigations

If you or your business are being investigated by the government, even the most minor and innocent decisions could result in reputational damage. In these situations, you will need an experienced attorney by your side who is familiar with navigating investigations and reaching discrete resolutions. You will need an attorney that will fight for you and protect your rights.
In a government investigation, every moment matters. We mobilize quickly to determine our clients’ financial, reputational, and criminal exposure, and provide strategies that deliver results. We use our familiarity with the inner workings of state and federal agencies and knowledge of the law to guide clients through sensitive investigations.

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